> 8. Lula 02/04

Lula & Grandma Deanie
Lula & Matt
Lula & Eric
Kind of Smiling!
Preparing to Smile 2
Preparing to Smile 1
Jack Benny 2
Bjorn Situation
Thanks Suzanne!
Daddy Needs a Shave
Lil Hands
Post Bath
Discovering Hand
No Paparazzi
Funny Face
In Carrier 3
Lula with Straps On
Lula Closeup in Carrier
Lula & Felix
Jack Benny Impression
Amazed by Mommy 2
Amazed by Mommy
Cutey 1
With Scott Rosann 3
With Scott Rosann 2
With Scott Rosann
Sleeping on Daddy
New Camera
With Grandpa Douglas
Thanks Menzels!
In Sling 2
In Sling
Lula & Scott
Lula & Auntie Debbie
Blue Outfit 2
Blue Outfit
Lula & Uncle Jason
Finger in Mouth
Valentine Outfit 3
Valentine Outfit 2
Valentine Outfit
Mobile 3
Mobile 2
Zutano 2