> 1. Lula 2005

Feeding a Goat 2
Feeding a Goat
Kiddie Pool 2
w Aunt Debbie
Kiddie Pool 1
Beaches are Fun
w Grandma at Noe
Across the Bridge
At the Swings
Hugging Mommy in Fl. Mdws
Under the Unisphere
At CT Grandparents
Anytime Minutes
Whose Sunglasses?
Dancing Out Front
Fifth Ave Fair
Up in a tree
More upside-down time with Daddy
Upside-down time with Daddy
Daddy wears a flower in his hair
Walking closer
Sweet happy baby
Lula is the center of attention; all is right in the world
Hugging Mommy
Walking to Grandma
With Grandpa and a blossom
Clap your hands!
Oh, you!
Hanging out on the grass
Come to mama!
Touching a cherry branch
Cuddles with Auntie D
More hugs with the aunt
Hugging Debbie
Walking over to Aunt Debbie
Cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
First Prospect Park carousel ride
Daddy's behind the camera
Watching the calliope
It's supposed to move like this, right?
Holding onto the pole
Carousel verdict: fun!
Prospect Park carousel, April 2005
On the move at the tot lot
Holding flowers
At the tot lot, April 2005
Mommy's jacket needs examination
Lula at Tot Lot
Tot Lot reflection