> 7. Lula 03/04, 4/04

Lion Socks
In Car Seat
Cherry Blossom 1
Cherry Blossom 2
In Grass 1
In Grass 2
Cherry Blossom 4
Cherry Blossom 3
Cherry Blossom 6
Cherry Blossom 6
Cutest Ever!
Mom & Lula Share a Laugh
At Lake
In Carrier
Uncle Mike & Lula
Super Smile
In Sweater
With Grandma Karen
With Sarah in Stroller
Thanks Grandma Karen
Lulas New Quilt
Lulas New Quilt 2
Lulas New Quilt 3
On Sarah's Lap
Yet Another Smile
Another Smile
Pink Dress
With Daddy, Tongue Out
Smiling, Green Shirt
Cute, Pink Outfit 2
Cute, Pink Outfit
Lula & Sarah
Lula & Lisa Remez
Little Dentist Shirt
On Sarah's Shoulder
Smiley 5
Smiley 4
Smiley 3
Smiley 2
Smiley Tongue Out
Smiley 1
Tongue Out
Smiley 0
Cute Blue Outfit
Cute Blue Outfit 2
Solitary Tear