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I have been reading your blog for 10 months now, and I have been dying to chat with you. The reason I came upon your blog in the first place is because my daughter is also named Tallulah! Alright her middle name(long story). Her first name is Remy. She was born Febraury 1, 2004 at 1:11pm. Weird huh? My husband and I are Americans living in British Columbia, Canada. We are from San Francisco. So it's nice to read about a paralel life in another city. I read your blog and Finslippy because we seem to have so much in common. It's great to read about everything your going through, to know I am not alone. I am not some weirdo. I promise. Remy too would not sleep anywhere but in my arms for a long, long time. She now sleeps in her crib for naps, with us at bedtime. By the way Remy's favorite band is They Might Be Giants. Do you have the NO cd? It's the best. I just wanted to say Hi, and thanks for the blog.

Vivian Osborne

IN RE: An (attempted) Public Shaming

Maybe the woman on the subway was telling you to pick the baby up because she didn't want to have to listen to the crying. I'm sure you were hoping the motion of the train would lull Tallulah to sleep without being held/nursed/etc. But the people around you were just hoping to go about their business without having to listen to your child screaming. If you want to Ferberize her in the privacy of your own home, go for it. Sounds like it would do her some good. But show some courtesy by doing whatever it takes to keep her quiet in public. You may not mind the screeching, but some of us do.


Tallulah's Mom

Amie, hello, and thanks for reading! We have a lot of They Might Be Giants CDs, too. They're coming out with a new CD/DVD next month -- I got an advance copy and it's really great. It's called "Here Come the ABCs" and involves a variety of witty animation, puppetry, etc.

Vivian (who clearly does not live in the city), how nice of you to go around the internet spreading your parenting wisdom to strangers! Thanks for reminding me why I shouldn't keep comments open.



Like it isn't hard enough parenting without having strangers judging you. Are you the insane woman on the subway? Because all the other people on the train were defending Tallulah's mom and apparently had no problem with her child's crying. So kindly suck it.


Hello!!! I found this web site through a search engine and I just wanted to let you know what a gorgeous darling pretty little girl you have there!!! I have now bookmarked your site and will keep an eye on your little girl's growth. I live in Melbourne, Australia and am the proud new Mum of a darling little 7 week old baby girl called Lily who reminds me of your Tallulah (beautiful name by the way). This is my first baby and its such a surreal experience!! Am I able to email you directly (or you send me an email) to ask some first time Mum questions about your little angel??

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