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Looking up at the Tot Lot
Deshelving books at the library
Big wet cow nose
More cow licking
Reach out and lick someone
Cow encounter
Trying to touch a cow nose
The cows get licky!
Cows love Lula
Lula loves cows
Grandpa feeding cows
Hello cow
Forward-facing car seat
Well hello!
Lula at Two Boots
Tired, held by Grandma
Resting on a Gate post
Standing and Snacking
Standing at Gate post
Lula with Gate backdrop
Lula floating up to a Gate
Watch that toast!
With Grandpa
Cutie Gates
The family at the Gates
The wonder of it all
Stroller Gates
fallen asleep while eating
with grandpa
new shoes
"I had my first 'fit' at Arciuolo's shoe store"
at the shoe store
playing peekaboo  (other side)
playing peekaboo
a single tear
happy hands
so big!
a blue sprinkle
cupcakey applause
how does it feel on my head?
so delicious
cupcakes are very delicious
cupcakes are delicious
never leave unattended
present opening with Henry 2
present opening with Henry
new stacking blocks
playing with the camera timer
happy feet
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