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laughing stroller lion
sweet cheeks
bee, lion, turtle, and moms
lion outside
Henry the bumblebee
lion pawing bumblebee
sneaky lion
the lion roars
pointing lion
Kleins n Blausteins
With Muttsie at Tea Lounge
Checking Out Muttsie's Beard
On Mommy's Back
Her New Thing
Neat Water Effect 2
Bath 2
Bath 1
Eating Grass
Laughing Outside
Carried by Gma Karen 2
Carried by Gma Karen
At Great Grandma's Home
New Hampshire Chair
Gma's Fave Pic
Mommy makes it better
A Moment of Pique
With Los Klein
Gma Deanie 2
With Gma Deanie
Trippy Exposure
Bunny Hat
With Gpa Doug
With Sarah
Playing on Quilt
Sharing a Laugh
Crooked Grin
Swing 4
Swing 3
Swing 2
Swing 1
Bleary Eyed
Looking at Daddy
Teething 3
Teething 2
Teething 1
Not Enough Light
Tot Lot 2
Looking at Other Kid
With Sarah at Tot Lot